The Background

Johann Ludwig Krapf and Johannes Rebmann arrived in Kenya in 1840’s and first established Christianity among the Mijikenda.

Christianity is strong in the urban areas of Kenya where the populace can support church workers through tithes and offerings.

In the rural areas, there is less financial resource resulting in a poor access to churches and trained church workers.


Silent Stones Alliance started about after observing poverty, illiteracy and hopelessness among the people in rural coastal Kenya.

We realized that the problem was spiritual in nature and that we could reverse the situation by providing hope through the Word of God. 

We therefore support the planting of churches in rural Kenya as this is one of the most effective ways of spreading the Word of God.

How We Started

This background informed the formation of Silent Stones Alliance LLP to increase the spread of Christianity in Kenya.

In April 2013, Silent Stones started by operating by depositing and deploying financial resources for the benefit of rural churches.

The first activities included purchasing public address equipment for missionaries, bibles for the faithful and new converts including prisoners. 

What We Do

Develop Rural Churches
  • Income generating projects
  • Support Church building projects
  • Free Bible distribution
Develop Pastors & Church Workers
  • Provide Scholarships
  • Associations with Bible Colleges
  • Identifying churches with needs
Raising Hope
  • Acknowledge The LORD God Almighty
  • Accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior
  • Provide basic needs e.g. water, food etc.

How We Do It

Fund Raising
  • Large donors to specific projects
  • Individual donors in support of the goals
  • Local and foreign donor lobbying
Project Management
  • Project Identification & funding
  • Implementation & Monitoring
  • Accounting & Evaluation
Full Accountability
  • Fund Utilization as Intended
  • Low Administration Fees for Operations
  • Lowest Cost Procurement

Who We Are

Our Name

Silent Stones Alliance LLP takes its name from Luke 19:40 “I tell you” Jesus replied, “if they (disciples) keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”

The Case

The approach of the Pharisees signifies resistance, opposition to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. As is the case so frequently today.

Our Intent

We seek to ensure that we keep the “stones silent” by promoting the knowledge and praise of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!


Oversight Board

The Founder Partners are the Managing Partners and form the Oversight Board which assumes all executive functions and runs the day-to-day affairs of Silent Stones.


The Founder Partners intend to admit other partners in future, in line with broad regions in Kenya who espouse the common purpose, d goals and governance structures of Silent Stones Alliance LLP.


The Oversight Board intends to appoint a General Project Manager to manage the projects under Silent Stones who shall be directly accountable to the Oversight Board of Silent Stones Alliance LLP.

Vision and Mission


The most effective Christian faith-based-organization at Capturing Africa for Jesus.


To support the spread the Gospel and cater to needs rural and under-privileged Christian communities through highest impact, lowest cost solutions.

Faith in and Devotion to God Almighty
  • The one and only true and living God, YHWH
  • Forgiveness of Sins thru’ the blood of Christ
Showing Love & Compassion to Others
  • God’s Love, Mercy, Compassion to mankind
  • Compassion as championed by Jesus Christ
Unity with the Community of Believers
  • Inter-denominational Activities and operations
  • Cooperation between Churches in Christ Jesus
Stewardship, Integrity & Accountability
  • Scrupulous,transparent and accoutable services
  • Periodic reporting, including accounts, to donors

Our Goals

Our overarching goal is to spread Christianity in the rural areas by planting churches and supporting newly planted churches.

Goal 1

Speed the spread of the Gospel & Christianity in Rural and low-income areas of Kenya.

Goal 2

Assist local rural populations to develop hope in and through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Goal 3

Provide Project Financiers with Project Management and support services.


Bible Distribution

Purchasing, distributing & donating over 1,000 bibles free in various parts of Kenya.

Pastor Training

Part-sponsored Seven (7) Pastors at Crossroads Bible Institute at Vipingo, North Coast.

Public Address Systems

Donation of three (3) public address systems (two with portable electrical generating sets)