Mistaken Identity

Note from JesusDear Disciple,

John the Baptist was an incredible person. He was brave. He was honest. He spoke the truth no matter the consequences. He lived to help others so that they could be ready for My coming. He did not try to build a following for himself. He pointed others to Me. When crowds of people came to the Jordan River from all over Judea and Galilee to hear him preach, John called them to change their hearts and lives and then pointed them to Me. He is a great example of a servant.

Several times in John’s ministry, people asked him if he were the Messiah. He never once hesitated. He always said, “No!” He refused to get caught up in the popularity game. He refused to let Satan — or the religious leaders or the crowd — distort the clear and focused point of his life. He came to prepare the way for Me to come to the people. He spoke the truth to those caught in religious confusion. He challenged people about their personal sin. He spoke like the prophets of previous generations — John the Baptist spoke as the voice of God.

Let John remind you of a question that you will face many times in your life: Will you live for your own glory, or will you live so others can find their way to Me? John’s example will help direct you to the proper choice for your life just as he directed others in his day to Me!Verses to LiveI hope there is no mistaken identity in your life about Who is Lord and Messiah! I hope you choose to follow the example of John!The reputation of John was growing; and many had questions, including Jewish religious leaders from Jerusalem. So some priests and Levites approached John in Bethany just beyond the Jordan River while he was baptizing and bombarded him with questions:

Religious Leaders:Who are you?John the Baptist:I’m not the Anointed One, if that is what you are asking.Religious Leaders:Your words sound familiar, like a prophet’s. Is that how we should address you? Are you the Prophet Elijah?John the Baptist:No, I am not Elijah.Religious Leaders:Are you the Prophet Moses told us would come?John the Baptist:No.Religious Leaders:Then tell us who you are and what you are about because everyone is asking us, especially the Pharisees, and we must prepare an answer.John replied with the words of Isaiah the prophet.

John the Baptist:Listen! I am a voice calling out in the wilderness. Straighten out the road for the Lord. He’s on His way.Then some of those sent by the Pharisees questioned him again.

Religious Leaders:How can you travel the countryside baptizing people if you are not the Anointed One or Elijah or the Prophet?John the Baptist:Baptizing with water is what I do; but the One Whom I speak of, Whom we all await, is standing among you; and you have no idea Who He is. Though He comes after me, I am not even worthy to unlace His sandals.(John 1:19-27)Response in PrayerO Father in heaven, I confess that there are times that I want to be recognized, appreciated, and validated. Some of that, I know dear Father, is natural. However, I never want to live for the limelight. I never want to exalt myself over others and certainly never above Your place in my heart. Help me see ways to be like John the Baptist — a servant who speaks Your truth and who points others to Jesus, in Whose name I pray. Amen.’A Year with Jesus’ is written by Phil Ware. © 1998-2022, Heartlight, Inc. ‘A Year with Jesus’ is part of the Heartlight Network.All scripture quotations, unless otherwise indicated, are taken from The Voice™. © 2008 by Ecclesia Bible Society. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Mistaken Identity
Source: Passion for Praise