Ongoing Projects Summary

Test Project

This is a test project to be used by those piloting the site and assessing its capability, viability as a platform to Reach out to people to support our projects Contribute funds; and Pray for us!

Bible College Scholarships 2017

In the past four (4) years, Silent stones has supported Part-sponsored Seven (7) Pastors at Crossroads Bible Institute at Vipingo, North Coast. This was in response to our growing realization of one of the strategies that works. In order to be effective on the ground, it is important to select…

General Programs

In the past four (4) years, Silent stones has worked to support rural churches and Christian communities in Kenya and have developed an outline of “what works” and “what does not work”. “What works” includes: Avoiding corrupt practices and ensure effective use of monetary resource through procurement of services and…

Bible Purchases & Distribution 2017

In the past four (4) years, Silent stones has distributed over 1,000 Bibles free of charge to needy Christians, new faithful, children at vacation bible school and prisoners. The donations include donations to Trinity Baptist Church, Ukunda (South Coast), Matanoni Faith Baptist Church (Matano Mane), Vitengeni Baptist Church and Shimo…