Monthly Archives: September 2021

17 Sept 2021

Are you listening for the voice of God? Are you determined to hear Him? He sees the desire of our hearts and honours earnest prayers. Samuel followed Eli’s guidance and waited on God, and he heard Him. On this occasion the Lord spoke to the child, not to the Priest. […]

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14 Sept 2021

Am I doing what the Lord expects me to do where He expects me to do it? Am I involved in things He has not asked me to do or whose season has passed? What about you? May we discern His desire for us continuously by walking with Him and […]

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13 Sept 2021

Being co-creators, we may sometimes try playing God when we want to have our way, just like prophet Jonah. He disliked the people of Nineveh and judged them, yet the Father wanted to save them. May we not be misled by our emotions and discern what the Lord is doing. […]

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10 Sept 2021

Romans 12:14-21 goes on to challenge us to step out beyond what the ordinary person would do, beyond our comfort zone. There is sufficient grace for this, for God’s power is made perfect in weakness. Trust Him. Be humble and allow Him to work in you.

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09 Sept 2021

If we are humble and teachable and we trust Jehovah, then there are some basic truths we must uphold if we are to good students who are a reflection of Him in whom we trust. Let’s go back to the basic tenets of our faith. Romans 12:9-13.

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08 Sept 2021

Humility and trust make us teachable. Humility helps us accept what we are being told or taught and we accept it because we trust the source of knowledge. For Romans 12:1-8 to be possible, it will take humility and trust. May the Lord help us.

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