Matanoni Faith Baptist Church

The Matanoni Faith Baptist Church is part of the International Faith Baptist Churches based in Kwale town. The church is located approximately 33 Kilometers north-west of Kilifi or approximately 95 Kilometers North of the Port of Mombasa on the North Coast of Kenya.The church is part of the International Faith Baptist Ministries based in Kwale on the South Coast of Kenya. The Pastor of the church is Andrew Pite (Tel: +254-721-582386/ +254-738-079689)The Matanoni Faith Baptist Church stands on a property that was purchased by Rev. Pite in 1990, when church meetings were held under a tree and later under a temporary shelter. In 1990, Pastor Jim Horne supported the construction of a permanent structure which stands to this day.


Vision, Mission and Goals

Vision: To make disciples in order to reach more fro Christ and make them firm in Him.

Mission: To preach the Gospel and equip the Church in the true knowledge of God’s Word.


  • Planting new churches to meet the Spiritual needs of the commuity
  • Increase membership by proselytizing
  • Spreading God’s Word through Hospitals, Schools, Prisons and the wider commuunity
  • Establish a Bible College for the training of more Pastors for rural churches


The church has active women and youth ministries. Seminars to root members in the word are are conducted prior to Baptism & membership intake. It plans to start home fellowship and bible study groups.


  • Door-to-door ministry around religious holidays
  • During the week, the church building houses an ECD nursery school.