African Interior Church, Obama Estate, Kayole


The African Interior Church in Obama Estate, Kayole is located approximately 12 Kms (as the crow flies) to the East-North-East of Nairobi City (Nyayo House Reference point).

The Bishop of the Africa Interior Church is Bishop Jotham Okwaro Namure. The church headquarters is located in Emuhaya, Western Kenya.

The Lead Pastor at the Obama Estate Church is Pastor Saul Atsele (Tel +254-704-936959), who is assisted by Deacons Samson Akoyo and Elder John Kisaka.

Pastor Saul started this church having come from AIC Mwiki Parish located at Kasarani, Nairobi,  and having been led by the Holy Spirit to cater to the people of Obama Estate.

The church started out with a steel sheet structure without any other facilities. The church has been able to build an office and is looking to complete facilities that will enable them to engage in an income generating project.

Vision: To preach and teach the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the spiritually lost, disciple and nurture them to be Christ-centered, Holy Spirit filled, doctrinally sound and mature saints in God’s Kingdom.

Mission: To make Christ-like disciples in the Nations

Primary objective: To advance God’s Kingdom by the preservation and propagation of Christian Holiness as set forth in the Scriptures.

Core Values: Meaningful worship; Theological coherence; Passionate evangelism; Discipleship; Church development; Transformational leadership; Purposeful compassion.

Organizational Structure

  • Initial structure (1)

We Exist To:

  • To share the good news of God’s love, the forgiveness of sin, healing, and deliverance from the power of darkness, provision for today and hope for the eternal life hereafter.
  • To preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the spiritually lost, disciple and nurture them to be Christ-centered, Holy Spirit-filled, doctrinal sound and mature saints in God’s Kingdom.
  • To establish and maintain a friendly multicultural Christian fellowship where every member is an important integral part of the family.
  • To worship the Lord in spirit and in truth with all kinds of musical instruments and songs that inspire the soul and spirit but are culturally sensitive.
  • To provide Systematic Teachings that are theologically sound and balanced.
  • To equip all members to become responsible leaders/ministers for ministry.
  • To offer holistic ministry to the needs of the total person (including spiritual, material, emotional, intellectual, physical, and social).
  • To mobilize material and educational resources toward the promotion of the Church’s Missionary mandate especially among the poverty stricken societies.

The church Ministries include:

  1. Sunday school (see video below);
  2. Youth ministry (see video below);
  3. Child nutrition (Feeding programme);
  4. Women’s ministry;
  5. Men’s Ministry
  6. Hospital Ministry
  7. Evangelist Ministry

The church needs help! They are raising funds to start paying for the property where they are located; and to start generating income. To do so, they intend to start a Day-care center hosted within the church building. 

To do this, they need to concrete the church floor; compete one wall with steel sheets; fit gutters to the church building; and buy mattresses & blankets for the toddlers they will host.

This initiative will not only raise funds for the church, but also help young families in the vicinity to connect with the church.

Sunday school (pre-teens & teens) entertainment during thanksgiving service on 18th September 2022.