Support through the General Fund

Not sure what to support? Let us determine the most relevant and needy project at the time – whether it is Bible purchases, giving scholarships, or setting up a church income generating project.



In the past four (4) years, Silent stones has worked to support rural churches and Christian communities in Kenya and have developed an outline of “what works” and “what does not work”.

“What works” includes:

  1. Avoiding corrupt practices and ensure effective use of monetary resource through procurement of services and equipment by:
    • procuring equipment and distributing “in kind” donations of bibles, equipment and facilities and occasionally supporting Church building projects
    • directly managing projects to help provide basic needs for the rural communities e.g. water, food and education; and
    • direct settlement of sponsorship fees for pastors by payment to Bible colleges.
  2. Developing on the ground effectiveness by:
    • supporting pastors already operating in the rural areas and with a passion for the rural areas
    • reviewing individual church needs in line with realities to counter pastors being over-zealous with available resources
    • helping minimize competition with other churches & pastors
    • ensuring that pastors will effectively stay the distance; and
    • help set-up income generating projects that enable the church to run outreach programs, missions and camps for the faithful and to reach more people with the Word of God.


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