Bible College Scholarship Fund

We support Pastors from Churches in rural and low-income urban areas by providing part-time scholarships to selected Bible colleges. When funds are available, we offer full-time scholarships.



Since 2013, Silent stones has supported Part-sponsored Seven (7) Pastors at Crossroads Bible Institute at Vipingo, North Coast.

This was in response to our growing realization of one of the strategies that works. In order to be effective on the ground, it is important to select motivated pastors who already capturing souls for Jesus Christ in the rural areas. the reason is that, being well known in their communities and understanding the local traditions and challenges, they are able to better connect with the local populace.

These pastors frequently do not have the capacity to operate a full fledged church with resources. As we develop the churches, we support the Pastor education to build their capacity and understand administrative systems as well as being better rooted in God’s Word.

With effective college training and resources, these pastors are able to spread the gospel more effectively than when short-term or imported missioners come to the area and are able to easily identify similar areas close-by where a church can be planted.

We have therefore previously sponsored pastor training at Crossroads Bible Institute at Vipingo, North Coast but now seek to widen the base of Bible colleges so as to create a bigger impact in the whole of rural Kenya.



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