Daily Prayer

Thunder in the Soul

Available March 2021: Like the Hebrew prophets before him, the great American rabbi and civil rights leader reveals God’s concern for this world and each of us. Thunder in the Soul Source: Daily Prayer


Coming February 2021: The dramatic true story of a handful of students who resisted the Nazis and paid with their lives, now in a stunning graphic novel. Freiheit! Source: Daily Prayer

The Christmas Oratorio by Johann Sebastian Bach

It seems appropriate to start the year with a selection from the master of sacred music, Johann Sebastian Bach. The Christmas Oratorio (written in 1734) was intended to be performed in six parts, ending with the Feast of Epiphany on January 6. The Christmas Oratorio by Johann Sebastian Bach Source:…


The political is such a dangerous thing because it’s an animal with its eyes in its stomach: it has to devour a thing before it can see if it’s real. Forum Source: Daily Prayer

The Final Round

On Christmas Eve, a desperate plan is interrupted by a neighbor needing help. The Final Round Source: Daily Prayer

Plough 2020 in Review

The top-read pieces of the year on the pandemic and the protests, from birth to death, our obligations to each other in the present and our longing for eternal home. Plough 2020 in Review Source: Daily Prayer

Civilizing Sketches

Washington Irving’s quiet hymn to the enchantments of history and literature. Civilizing Sketches Source: Daily Prayer

New Prince, New Pompe

Behould a sely tender Babe, / In freesing winter nighte, / In homely manger trembling lies; / Alas, a pitious sighte! New Prince, New Pompe Source: Daily Prayer

God Bless Us, Every One

The dramatic, complete, joyous redemption of the sinful Ebenezer Scrooge. God Bless Us, Every One Source: Daily Prayer