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On 28th March 2022, I decided to call upon Pastor Paul Atsele. I had been given the Pastor Saul’s contact several years ago in 2014 by a gentleman named Peterson. Peterson and I met at the Bible Society of Kenya offices located at Madaraka, off Langata Road. I was there purchasing bibles for one of the churches we supported. Peterson was doing the same ;and he told me of a Pastor Saul whose church members required bibles. I took both his contacts and those of Pastor Saul.

I recall that I called Pastor Saul shortly afterwards, and we chatted briefly on phone. We did not talk again over the years. In March 2022, as I was praying for the Pastors that Silent Stones has a relationship with, I felt the need to pray for Pastor Saul. I did; and kept praying for him daily.

As I reflected one day, I recalled the needs of Pastor Saul and his church members. I made a resolution to call Pastor Saul. On 28th March 2022, I finally called Pastor Saul and we spoke briefly. At the time, he could not recollect who I was. He mentioned that he has left the church he was pastoring under the care of another Pastor; that he had moved to an area that was, in a spiritual sense, significantly more challenging.

We agreed to meet on the coming Saturday 2nd April, but that we would confirm the date on phone on Friday 1st April. On Saturday, the day of the visit, several activities came up; and I ended up getting to the location late. On top of that, Google maps kept sending me through shortcuts, narrow alleyways between houses that led nowhere; to others that narrowed so that the vehicle could not pass; or to un-navigable dips. Eventually, I made it out and back to a main road. I called Pastor Saul, who promptly arrived on motorcycle, accompanied by the church secretary, Mr. Wilson Andenyi.

At the site, I was taken aback. I had expected a greenfield site, but found that they had set up the structure using wooden poles and had completed the sides and even started the roofing! I was so impressed and declared that the church structure was complete! They looked at me incredulously! After some discussion, I advised them that I believed that Silent Stones was in a position to help!

Shortly afterwards, we were accompanied by Bishop John Mulati. All together, we did a quick estimate of what was required to complete the roofing; and on behalf of Silent Stones I made a commitment to support the purchase of the church roofing materials. We then engaged in prayer led by Bishop John Mulati and then broke for the day. 

On Monday 4th April 2022, Silent Stones was able to send a contribution for the church construction to Pastor Saul. Two (2) days later, Pastor Saul was able to confirm that the church roofing was completed as envisioned! As Pastor Saul completed the roofing, a neighbor came and contributed money for an additional 3 sheets for walling. As Pastor collected the three (3) from the hardware store, the proprietor added another roofing sheet towards the church project! On Sunday, a lady congregant asked for the church keys and later returned to remove the grass from the floor; and level the floor.

We praise God indeed for the way in which he has touched hearts to help complete the church construction.

There is still so much to do. The property where the church is constructed is not owned by the church. It has been availed by a member who is willing to sell the property to the church on easy terms. The church also needs an office/ store at the site. The store will house the higher value items e.g., seats, PA system etc. when they are acquired. 

Our prayer is that you will be touched to support this endeavor to bring the Word of God to this part of Nairobi. Please pray with us; and for us on these needs. If you’d like to contact Pastor Saul, Silent Stones or assist in any way, please feel free to contact us:

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Before Roofing

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After completion of Roofing

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