Bibles and Prayer Needed !

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  • Post published:14 November 2018
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Over the past three (3) weeks, I have received a series of impassioned messages from Rev. Andrew of the Matanoni Faith Baptist Church. Through our past interactions, we have come to know Rev. Andrew as a most passionate winner of souls for the LORD.

On 22nd October 2018: “My diary is occupied with meetings as from 3rd Nov – 23rd Dec”

On 8th November 2018: “Are you in position to support with bibles? At least 15 Swahili 5 English, will it be ok?”

On 11th November 2018: “90 adults attended the conference 37 dedicated their lives, we bless the lord for this, pray that God may provide us with a smartphone for a better communication”

The church is located at Matano Mane which is located about 50 Kms North-West of Kilifi town.

He conducts Children’s vacation Bible Schools, Coordinates meetings between faithful of at least six (6) churches and has made several attempts at starting a Bible College at Matano Mane.

Silent Stones has supported the Matanoni Faith Baptist Church in several ways. Most importantly with an income generating project that enabled the church to become self-sustaining. We continue to provide free Bibles for new Christians in Matano Mane and other areas.

The Matanoni Faith Baptist Church still needs more help. If you are interested in supporting Rev. Andrew, please contact us at: for more information on how you can help.



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