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Following a request by Pastor Barnabas Maloba of the Upendo Church in Kakamega, to 100 Bibles to be given out to prisoners at the Shikusa prison in Kakamega, we are now trying to source for an initial batch of 50 Bibles (5 NIV and 45 Swahili BHN).

Pastor Barnabas has been given the opportunity to meet with and minister to the Borstal prisoners (those under 18 years of age). It is intended that the Bibles will be held in a library and be made available to prisoners when required.

Bible access will help Pastor Barnabas to minister to the prisoners and allow the prisoners to engage in quite time study in groups. The Bibles will be purchased from the Bible Society of Kenya, a long-time supplier of Silent Stones Ministries.

We give out Bibles for free (even though we purchase them) because access to the Word of God supports the growth of Christian communities and changes people’s lives! Whether among church faithful, new converts at crusades, youth attending vacation bible school or prisoners.

The balance of another 50 Bibles will be sourced at a future date, and we are fundraising for this purpose. Please pray with; and for us on this need. If you’d like to contact or assist please feel free to:

  • Call Pastor Barnabas on +254-103-762960 or +254-727-343003
  • Email Pastor Barnabas on
  • Call Silent Stones on +254-101-509055 0r +254-711-509055
  • Email Silent Stones on
  • You may also donate towards this cause through our portal