Crossroads Witu Equipment

Crossroads Church Witu is located approximately 150 kilometers north of Malindi.The church was established and is led by Pastor Robert Manley (popularly known as “Evangelist Manley”)

Late in August 2014, the Pastor Manley felt that God was leading him to establish a church in Witu after having operated a bible study from his small house for several months.

Shortly afterwards, the Crossroads Witu church found a hall that they were able to hire for Kenya Shillings Three Thousand (Kshs 3,000/=) per month.

As the church grew, the Pastor realized that they now needed an effective public address system to support the praise and worship during the Sunday services.

The need for the public address system was also given impetus by the need to start direct proselytization through outdoor crusades.

Silent Stones supported Crossroads Witu to purchase a full public address system, keyboard, guitar, drumset and a mobile electrical generating set at a total cost of Kenya Shillings Two Hundred and Twelve Thousand (Kshs 212,000/=).

Upon initial delivery of the mobile electrical generating set, it was found to be faulty and required repairs. Again, Silent Stones stepped in at a cost of Kenya Shillings Fourteen Thousand (Kshs 14,000/=).