Daily Prayer for February 12

Nevertheless do not rejoice in this, that the spirits are subject to you; but rejoice that your names are written in heaven. Luke 10:20, RSV Dear Father in heaven, we thank you with all our hearts for showing your power in us and for overcoming so much that is hostile and that threatens to harm our life. We thank you for the countless wonders you do for our sake. We rejoice and thank you most of all for allowing us to know that you are writing our names in heaven. Where our names are, there we are too. Where our Lord Jesus Christ is, there we want to be too, and our words and our actions should come from him. Keep us faithful in this, and let us serve you with gladness on every path we tread. Amen.
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friday long read
The World Turned Right-Side Up
Isaac T. Soon
Was Saint Paul’s famous “thorn in the flesh” a disability? Read now.

thursday books and culture
Capitalism Is Not Natural
Rodney Clapp
God’s economy is the opposite of today’s reigning neoliberalism. Read now.

wednesday reading
How Will We Answer the Call of Jesus?
Jürgen Moltmann
We can look to those who faced the call without reservation, ready for unconditional discipleship. Read now.

tuesday conversation
PloughCast #24 Takeaways: Why Disability is about Being Human
Peter Mommsen and Susannah Black
Peter and Susannah take listener questions about the social model of disability, how to talk about human value with non-Christians, and urbanism. Read now.

monday provocation
The Ordinary Goodness of André Trocmé and Le Chambon
Matthew Peterson
What prepared the villagers of Le Chambon to collectively resist fascism and save Jews as a matter of course? Read now.

Daily Prayer for February 12
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