Daily Prayer for May 16

Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent. John 17:3, NIV Lord God, we thank you that you have revealed life in Jesus Christ. Grant that we may enter this life through the grace you have given us to recognize Jesus Christ as our Lord, to believe in him, and to hope for all the good still to come as the fruit of his suffering and resurrection. May the glory of the Living One be revealed to the dead throughout the whole world so that even the dead and the unbelieving may be awakened and see his life. Keep us true to what you have given us. Strengthen our faith and endurance in all our trials. Let your name soon be honored among all people so that hatred may cease and the coming of your great day may be foretold in changed hearts and changed thoughts. Protect us this night. Bless us and help us again and again as you have promised. Amen.
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friday long read
Shadowing the Carpenter
Andreas Knapp
I had set out to follow Jesus but found myself running a seminary instead. Charles de Foucauld inspired me to quit and truly seek the lowest place. Read now.

thursday books and culture
Screaming about My Sinfulness
Krispin Mayfield
Christian hardcore gave expression to my self-loathing, but ultimately only led me further from the life-saving shore of God’s love. Read now.

wednesday reading
Guides on the Road to Eternity
Søren Kierkegaard
Repentance and remorse. The one calls us forward. The other calls us back. Read now.

tuesday conversation
Expect the End of the World
Paul Kingsnorth
Plough’s Joy Clarkson speaks with Paul Kingsnorth about activism, rootlessness, and converting to Christianity. Read now.

monday provocation
Would Jesus Shame Single Christian Women?
Gina Dalfonzo
Unlike some pastors today, he never suggested that the single and childless are selfish. Read now.

Daily Prayer for May 16
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