Daily Prayer for May 2

I cry to you, Lord; I say, “You are my refuge, my portion in the land of the living.” Psalm 142:5, NIV Lord our God, we seek your light and pray that you shed your light upon us so that we live not only on earth but in you, the eternal and living One. May our lives be drawn into eternity, to the praise of your name, O Father. May we take your Word to heart so that we can become true men and women, able to bear everything in your name and to remain in the love you want to give us. Rouse us to become true men and women at the side of Jesus Christ our Savior, who has been patient in all things with all people. Be with us at all times, Lord our God. You are our help and our refuge. Amen.
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sunday source
The Secret to Living in Middlemarch
George Eliot
George Eliot’s heroine, Dorothea, fights evil in the world without leaving home. Read now.

saturday insight
Poem: “Poland, 1985”
Jacqueline Saphra
And the façades of Warsaw bared / their scrubbed-up skins; liveried waiters / offered nothing on the menu; bath water / rusted; the country roads were calm, / a past I sought long overgrown, / the state of currency still volatile, / human traces vague, all guesses wild. Read now.

friday long read
In Search of Eternity
Eugene Vodolazkin
Why learn to play music if we’re all going to die? Read now.

thursday books and culture
Numb and Numb-er
Michael Ward
C. S. Lewis recognized the successes of modern science. He also saw how limited a language it is. Read now.

wednesday reading
The Perpetual Flame of Devotion
Richard J. Foster
How can we learn to pray in a way that pleases God? And what stands in the way? Read now.

Daily Prayer for May 2
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