Daily Prayer for May 4

And he said, “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.” Exodus 33:14, RSV Dear Father in heaven, we thank you for guiding us on all our ways with power from on high. We thank you that again and again you have led us through the darkness on a path of light. Looking back, we cannot be thankful enough. May our hearts turn to you and be filled with quiet certainty in all we are still awaiting. Remember us and remember the many who lie under heavy bondage. Let the time come when you will bring a great deliverance to those who are in darkness. Then we can find meaning for our lives in all that happens, knowing that you have been faithful in everything. You have done more than we asked, more than we can understand. Amen.
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tuesday conversation
The Catherine Project
Zena Hitz
Drawing on Aristotle, Dante, and Kierkegaard, the Catherine Project has created an online lyceum, and anyone who loves learning can join. Read now.

monday provocation
How to Be a Climate-Change Activist without Becoming an Alarmist
Alastair McIntosh
Drama and immediacy galvanize attention, but apocalyptic claims make many people feel there’s no hope. Read now.

sunday source
The Secret to Living in Middlemarch
George Eliot
George Eliot’s heroine, Dorothea, fights evil in the world without leaving home. Read now.

saturday insight
Poem: “Poland, 1985”
Jacqueline Saphra
And the façades of Warsaw bared / their scrubbed-up skins; liveried waiters / offered nothing on the menu; bath water / rusted; the country roads were calm, / a past I sought long overgrown, / the state of currency still volatile, / human traces vague, all guesses wild. Read now.

friday long read
In Search of Eternity
Eugene Vodolazkin
Why learn to play music if we’re all going to die? Read now.

Daily Prayer for May 4
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