Bobbo's Spiritual Challenge

24 Sep 2014

The majority isn't always right. God's side carries the day. Things may not look good, but it is His backing that makes all the difference. Seek Him! Nbr14:1-30

23 Sep 2014

I must use my mouth to bless & not to curse, to build & not destroy, to encourage & exhort, to cast visions. For there is power in the tongue…

22 Sep 2014

Wa ajabu, wewe ni wa ajabu. Wa ajabu, wewe ni wa ajabu. Mungu wa miungu, mwenye enzi, tunakuabudu. You are a God of miracles & we adore You Eccl5:7-20

21 Sep 2014

The ravens God sent to feed Elijah didn't eat his food! God was in control. Entrust your life to God He knows how to take care of His kids. Listen…

18 Sep 2014

Our salvation shouldn't be based on the money in our accounts, businesses, etc. It is in our Saviour, our supernatural supplier. We can never be stranded Ps23

17 Sep 2014

Did Christ spend time calculating His worth? Let's find the gates of influence God wants us to dominate & "sell" all else to keep them & have impact Mt13:45-6

16 Sep 2014

Can God trust that all He does thro us will attest to His glory? If he can then He'll use us, we'll remain humble, He'll be pleased & He won't…

15 Sep 2014

When we hunger after God we'll hear him. David's generation believed in sacrifices. God gave him a different insight & he obeyed coz he hungered Ps51:16-17

12 Sep 2014

Let's not get carried away by the excitement of the revelation we receive & miss out on its establishment. We must press in hungering until it occurs Mt13:20-21

11 Sep 2014

Am I the hope for those around me, the instrument in God's hands to impact my territory? Then I must have a hunger for God that's beyond normalcy Is49:1-7

10 Sep 2014

God decided to bring forth a new Jerusalem & discard the old one coz the old had turned to religion. The pharisees missed Christ, yet He was with them Mt23:37-9

9 Sep 2014

How many times has God used people to speak over us & nothing happens? Let's obey God & pay attention to Him. He has done all that's needed for us…