Every Babylon Must Fall

Note from JesusDear Precious Follower,

Over the centuries, one powerful nation after another — often symbolized by a powerful city — has arisen. Many of these nations, represented by their dominant cities, have oppressed My people. Each of these cities accumulated power and wealth. They attracted the world’s attention. Those in commerce bowed to the city’s financial power and markets. Those who dealt in trade depended upon the city’s ability to provide networking and trade partners. Those who moved the commerce delighted in the city’s power to connect them to clients and bring them wealth. They often grew rich on the stability, transportation hub, and network of clients provided by the city. Many of these people prostituted themselves to these cities and nations. They were involved with an evil city for their benefit. They loved that the city provided the infrastructure, networks, and currency for them to get rich. But, so many of these cities over history oppressed, persecuted, and murdered My people.

Among My people, the ancient city of Babylon became a powerful symbol of such evil cities. Babylon was ruthless as a city, nation, and army against those it conquered. Babylon felt unconquerable, invulnerable, and unstoppable. So throughout history, Babylon has been a symbolic term for evil political, military, or financial powers that seemed unstoppable. However, in a mere seventy years from the time Babylon conquered the chosen people (Israel), completely destroyed the chosen city (Jerusalem), and the chosen place (the Temple) of the Father, she was conquered. The arrogance, brutality, and raw power of Babylon rapidly came crashing down at the hands of the Persians. The Persians then allowed My people, Israel, to return home and rebuild.

In today’s verses, you will be reading about a new “Babylon.” At one level, it was the “Babylon” that oppressed My people in the first century. At another level, the principles that you read in these verses from Revelation 18 apply to every Babylon. No city, no human power, no financial center, no religious perversion, and no center of world trade will stand when it oppresses My people. Although a city may appear for a time to be impossible to stop and too strong to defeat from a human standpoint, I will make sure it will not last long as a powerful presence of evil. No city or nation that oppresses, persecutes, or martyrs My faithful witnesses will stand. This fateful downfall has been true throughout history. It was true for the people who received this Revelation that John recorded. It will be true until I return in final victory. So do not despair. Every Babylon will fall. Justice will be enacted for the evil perpetrated against My people.Verses to LiveAs you read these verses, remember that the first recipients of the Revelation given to John were being persecuted. Some were even facing martyrdom. They faced a military power — Rome — that seemed invincible. But the malicious, capricious, and vicious powers that held sway in Rome were stopped. The same was true for the powers in Asia Minor that were allied with Rome and that were determined to eradicate My disciples. Nevertheless, Christianity thrived and would soon become the primary faith associated with the Roman Empire. The same has been true down through the centuries and has been true even in your day. So as you read these verses, remember the words of hope from a dark time in the Old Testament:The deepest pains may linger through the night,
but joy greets the soul with the smile of morning.
(Psalm 30:5)Remember, every Babylon will fall. No power can prevail forever against Me and those who are Mine!Next I [John] saw another messenger descending from heaven. I knew he possessed great authority because his glory illuminated the earth.

Heavenly Messenger (with a powerful voice):Fallen, fallen, is Babylon the great city!
It has become a habitat for demons,
A haunt for every kind of foul spirit,
a prison for every sort of unclean and hateful bird.

For all the nations have drunk deeply
from the wine of the wrath of her immorality,
And the kings of the earth have disgraced themselves by engaging in gross sexual acts with her,
and the merchants of the earth have grown fat and rich, profiting off the power purchased with her luxury.Then I heard another voice from heaven urge,

A Voice:My people, get away from her — fast.
Make sure you do not get caught up in her sins.
Put some distance between you so that you do not share in her plagues,
For her sins are higher than the highest mountain. They reach far into the heavens,
and God has not forgotten even one of her missteps.

Deal out to her what she has dealt out to others,
and repay her double according to her deeds.
In the cup where she mixed her drink, mix her a double.

Whatever glory she demanded and whatever luxury she lived,
give back to her the same measure in torment and sorrow.

Secretly she says in her heart:I rule as queen;
I am not like a widow;
I will never experience grief.Because of this arrogance, in a single day, plagues will overwhelm her.
Her portion will be death and sorrow and famine,
And she will be incinerated with fire,
for mighty is the Lord God Who exacts judgment on her….

Then a mighty messenger picked up a huge stone — it looked like a great millstone — and he cast it into the sea.

Mighty Messenger [an angel of God]:Watch and see. This is how Babylon, the great city,
will be thrown down; violently will she go down,
and they will search for her in vain.

Never again will the sound of music grace your streets.
The melodies and harmonies of the harpists and musicians and flutists and trumpeters
will never be heard again.
And never again will an artisan of any craft
be found in your markets,

And never again will the grinding of the millstone
provide rhythm to your city,

And never again will the light of a lamp
bring warm light to your houses,
And never again will the voices of the bridegroom and bride
bring joy to your festivities.
For the merchants were the magnates of the earth,
and all the nations fell prey to your sorceries.

And in her streets the blood of the prophets, saints,
and all who have been slaughtered upon the earth, ran freely.(Revelation 18:1-8; Revelation 18:21-24)Response in PrayerO Father, bring down the Babylons of my day. Hear the prayers of those who are being oppressed, persecuted, and murdered for Your cause. Disrupt the powers of evil that exploit, abuse, and oppress all peoples wherever those powers entrench themselves in political, military, or religious systems. May Your kingdom come, and Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. We ask this in confident hope and pray in the powerful name of Jesus. Amen.’A Year with Jesus’ is written by Phil Ware. © 1998-2022, Heartlight, Inc. ‘A Year with Jesus’ is part of the Heartlight Network.All scripture quotations, unless otherwise indicated, are taken from The Voice™. © 2008 by Ecclesia Bible Society. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Every Babylon Must Fall
Source: Passion for Praise