Glory in the Ordinary

Note from Jesus

Dear Friend,

When are you most aware of My presence with you?

I can be present in the spectacular, beautiful, and wonderful. I can also be present in the quiet moments of life. I can be present when your days are mostly filled with ordinary things that go with being a part of a family, part of a community, part of a friendship, or part of a business or company. So as I began to have people gather around Me early in My public ministry, where do you think I first revealed My glory to them?

It was at a wedding in Cana of Galilee. My mother, Mary, was connected to the family hosting the wedding celebration. The wine was running out. This problem would have disgraced the bride and groom, as well as brought shame on their families.

My mother came to Me to see if I would help. I performed a quiet miracle by turning water into wine. John calls it a sign because it pointed to something greater than the miracle itself. Only My mother, the servants, and My first followers knew what happened. Yet the bride and groom received the honor and the families were blessed without a lot of fuss being made about Me.

My first followers were watching what I did at this wedding. They discovered something I hope you will look for in your life. I quite often reveal My glory — My favor, grace, love, mercy, kindness, generosity, help, joy, and tenderness — in the ordinary events in life. I do this so that those who love Me and are looking for Me can know that I AM present. I want My disciples to know that the routine things in their lives truly matter to Me… and that there is nothing ordinary when I AM your Lord and friend.

Verses to Live

Here’s the story of the wedding and how My mother asked Me to save the bride and groom from embarrassment. I did, but very quietly. Yet for those watching Me, there was a glimpse of glory. These verses are a reminder to look for My actions in your everyday life!

Three days after the disciples encountered Jesus for the first time, they were all invited to celebrate a wedding feast in Cana of Galilee. Mary, the mother of Jesus, was invited together with Him and His disciples. While they were celebrating, the wine ran out; and Jesus’ mother hurried over to her son.


The host stands on the brink of embarrassment; there are many guests, and there is no more wine.


Dear woman, is it our problem they miscalculated when buying wine and inviting guests? My time has not arrived.

But she turned to the servants.


Do whatever my son tells you.

In that area were six massive stone water pots that could each hold 20 to 30 gallons. They were typically used for Jewish purification rites. Jesus’ instructions were clear:


Fill each water pot with water until it’s ready to spill over the top; then fill a cup, and deliver it to the headwaiter.

They did exactly as they were instructed. After tasting the water that had become wine, the headwaiter couldn’t figure out where such wine came from (even though the servants knew), and he called over the bridegroom in amazement.


This wine is delectable. Why would you save the most exquisite fruit of the vine? A host would generally serve the good wine first and, when his inebriated guests don’t notice or care, he would serve the inferior wine. You have held back the best for last.

Jesus performed this miracle, the first of His signs, in Cana of Galilee. They did not know how this happened; but when the disciples and the servants witnessed this miracle, their faith blossomed.

(John 2:1-11)

Response in Prayer

O Father, my life is filled with all sorts of daily expectations and duties. I ask that You open my eyes and help me see Jesus’ presence in the middle of my daily routines, no matter how unimportant and mundane they may seem to be. In addition, dear Father, I ask that You use me to help others come to see Jesus in their lives, too! I pray this in the name of my Savior, Jesus. Amen.

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