Healing of the Nations Church (3)

Late in 2014, the Healing of the Nations Church started building toilet facilities with pit latrine but in the process mistakenly encroached on a neighbors parcel of land.

As they had spent a lot of money on the facility and the fact that the facility had impacted negatively on the owners expectations for the land, the church and the owner entered into an agreement for the purchase of the land.

In 2015, the owners placed a lot of pressure on the church to finalize payments as they had fallen behind.

Silent Stones assisted the church to raise the funds for completion of the sale by placing cash donations of approximately Kenya Shillings One Hundred and Ten Thousand (Kshs 110,000/=) and advancing the church an interest free loan of Kenya Shillings Sixty Thousand (Kshs 60,000/=).

The church was able to finalize payments on the property and is now the proud owner of a full quarter (1/4) acre parcel of land housing the church, pastor’s office, toilet facilities and parking for vehicles.

[Pictures to be uploaded later.]