Mustard Seed Effect

Note from Jesus

Dear Child of the King of Glory,

The kingdom of heaven is powerful. You are a part of that kingdom. You are a child of the King. Great power is at work in you. Not sure about this? Don’t really believe this? Remember My parable about the mustard seed? You can find it in the verses below along with Doctor Luke’s ending to the book of Acts. I have put these together for you because I want you to realize something amazing: My mustard seed parable proved true!

You are an example of just how far this mustard seed effect has spread both geographically and through time. As we read from the book of Acts in the coming days — after I have shared several key passages reminding you of the power at work in you — you will see the mustard seed effect produced through the power of the Holy Spirit! What began as a small movement in the backwaters of Galilee with Me and a few disciples reaches all over the world bringing people from all different races, cultures, nations, religions, and backgrounds into My family.

Yes, there are some who reject the message and refuse to believe. However, an amazing number come to faith and that faith has kept growing and providing a family, a real home, for other people of different languages and cultures.

By the time we finish the book of Acts, the apostle Paul will have reached his goal of going to Rome (Romans 1:9-13), the capital of the empire. He didn’t arrive there in the way he anticipated or under the circumstances he would have planned. However, he arrived in Rome and effectively shared My good news there. This sharing is the final message Luke wanted you to hear: In Rome, Paul proclaimed My good news of the kingdom of God and taught about My grace “with great confidence and with no hindrance.”

Christianity went from such small beginnings to such powerful influence in such a short time period — in just three decades. All of this was done without the benefits and conveniences of your era in time. The disciples had no superhighways, automobiles, planes, high-speed trains, internet, telephones, text messaging, social media, or email. So imagine what I can do today through you if you keep sharing My message using all your modern tools and trusting that I will support your efforts with My power!

Verses to Live

Notice how the ending to the book of Acts complements My parable about the mustard seed. My movement really is the mustard seed effect: people doing normal things with extraordinary faith in the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Jesus told them another parable.


The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a sower took and planted in his field. Mustard seeds are minute, tiny — but the seeds grow into trees. Flocks of birds can come and build their nests in the branches.

(Matthew 13:31-32)

Some [of the Jewish leaders in Rome] were convinced, but others refused to believe.

Paul (adding as they left in disagreement):

The Holy Spirit rightly spoke to your ancestors through the prophet Isaiah:

Go to this people and say,

“You certainly do hear,

but you will never understand;

you certainly do see,

but you will never have insight.

“Make their hearts hard,

their ears deaf,

and their eyes blind.

“Otherwise, they would

look and see,

listen and hear,

understand and repent,

and be healed.”

So let it be known to you that God’s liberation, God’s healing, has been sent to the outsiders, and they will listen.

Then the local Jewish leaders left Paul to discuss all he had told them.

For two full years, he lived there in Rome, paying all his own expenses, receiving all who came to him. With great confidence and with no hindrance, he proclaimed the kingdom of God and taught about the ultimate authority — the Lord Jesus, God’s Anointed, the Liberating King.

(Acts 28:24-31)

Response in Prayer

Father, I stand in amazement at how the message of Jesus has reached out and impacted such a significant part of the world. I believe that behind the incredible spread of Your gospel is the work of the Holy Spirit. I believe that behind the advances of the kingdom are the prayers of Jesus’ followers who have invested their lives in His cause and who have kept on asking Him to release the power of the Holy Spirit through them. So I pray, dear Father, that you will use me to further Your mustard seed effect and that I can be a part of seeing people from all over the world come to faith in Your Son. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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