The Mystery of Godliness

Note from Jesus

Dear Friend,

I love it when one of My servants makes the message about Me and My grace very clear and concise. The apostle Paul was hoping to join Timothy in Ephesus and bless both Timothy and the church. He knew many of those believers well. There were all sorts of discussions, arguments, and speculations in Ephesus about “mysterious” truth. Rather than making the truth about Me difficult, Paul wrote a beautifully simple and poetic statement of truth about Me. You find that truth in the verses below.

I share this focus with you today because I want you to have a clear summary of what My incarnation and ministry mean. Paul’s summary can be restated in simple points and put into a more Western form in this way:

  • I came to the world as God in human flesh.
  • The Spirit affirmed My identity as Son of God through My resurrection from the dead.
  • Heavenly messengers announced My birth, comforted Me in the garden, and proclaimed My resurrection.
  • I have been preached throughout the world to all kinds of people.
  • Many different kinds of people — male and female, Jew and Gentile, rich and poor, politically conservative and liberal, as well as slave and free — have all become God’s children through Me.
  • I have ascended to the Father where I intercede for you and pour the Holy Spirit out upon you.

Those are the factual truths. Paul’s poem says it succinctly and beautifully.

So how would you summarize the good news about me in a few words?

What’s the truth that you must know, must share, and must hold in your heart?

Put your answers to those questions down in simple, clear, and possibly even poetic form. Use your answers to teach others about Me! That’s what ordinary folks have done for centuries, and they have led millions upon millions to faith in Me.

Remember, as you share your essential truth about Me, the Holy Spirit will be with you to remind you of Me and to lead you into all truth. The Holy Spirit will empower you to speak the truth when confronted by those who oppose you. The Spirit can convict the hearts of those with whom you share My message!

Verses to Live

Paul began his first letter to Timothy with several admonitions to him, his son in the faith. Toward the middle of this letter, Paul told Timothy why he was writing. He also told him he hoped to join him soon in Ephesus. Then Paul gave Timothy a succinct summary of truths about Me. This confessional statement could be used in churches to give them the basic truths about Me and My ministry. These truths are the basis of godly living.

I [Paul] am writing all this to you [Timothy], hoping I can come to you before too long; but in case I am delayed, you will know how one ought to behave as a member of God’s family — the assembly of the living God, the pillar and foundation that support the truth — and I think you will agree that the mystery of godliness is great:


[Jesus] was revealed in the flesh,

proven right in the Spirit;

He was seen by the heavenly messengers,

preached to outsider nations.

He was believed in the world,

taken up to the heavens in glory.

(1 Timothy 3:14-16)

Response in Prayer

Father, I know that the greatest in the kingdom of heaven must become like a child. Please, dear Lord, help me. Help me as I put the great truths of Jesus down into a simple and clear form to remember and to share the truth of Jesus with others. Please give me the confidence to share those words with grace. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

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