The Urgency of Living Patiently

Note from Jesus

Dear Precious One,

In the verses I want to share with you today, James teaches you about the urgency of living patiently. Let Me explain what he means and what I want you to do to live this “urgency with patience” lifestyle.

First, notice that the rich who are corrupt are going to fall under judgment. I know some of My disciples have had their lives ruined by those who abused their wealth and power:

  • mistreating “their” workers,
  • hoarding “their” wealth while neglecting the human need all around them,
  • abusing the legal system for “their” advantage,
  • underpaying those who work for “them,” and
  • exploiting both people and animals to the point of exhaustion and even death sometimes.

Be patient, My precious ones, and be faithful. I will relieve your suffering. Be patient: help is on the way. We — the Almighty Father, Son, and Holy Spirit — command heaven’s armies. We will enforce justice upon all, including on those who think they are above justice. Hang on; I AM coming with justice!

Second, remember the farmer and his crops. There is a time to plant, and there is a time to reap. The harvest is not far off for you. Please wait like a good farmer who trusts that the harvest will come. Strengthen your resolve. I will come when it is harvest time. Your waiting will be worth all the pain and difficulty you have endured!

Third, while you are waiting, treat each other with grace and compassion. Complaining about others and judging their motives never accomplishes My work. These wearisome behaviors tear down those that you need at your side as you await My coming. To help you know how to wait with grace and compassion for My coming, remember the great people and prophets of old like Job. Rely upon the Spirit I have given to you to strengthen, comfort, and encourage you as you wait.

Finally, don’t feel that you have to be overly dramatic when giving your word. Just say “yes” and “no.” You don’t need to use an oath. Keep your word. There will be times when you find that this is difficult, but remember that I AM coming, and I will hold you to your word.

I AM coming. I will judge those who mistreat you and abuse you. However, I will also hold you to the standard of character and compassion that reflects My own character and compassion. Time is short. These matters are urgent. You must live with holy and passionate patience.

Verses to Live

The following verses are James’ words of exhortation. Trust them. Live them. They come with My authority and approval. Be ready for Me. Be patient waiting for My justice and My coming. Know I have heard your cries and have seen your struggles, and I AM coming down to avenge you. Until I return, seek the Spirit’s strength and guidance as you face difficulties in your life. It is urgently important that you live patiently trusting James’ words and trusting that My promises are true!

Hey, you rich folk, misery is on its way; so cry and moan because you will watch your riches rot before your eyes as the moths devour your fine clothes. Your stockpile of silver and gold is tarnished and corroded, and this rust will stand up in the final judgment and testify against you. It will eat your flesh like fire and become a permanent and painful reminder that you have hoarded your wealth through these last days. Listen. You held back a just wage from the laborers who mowed your fields, and that money is crying out against you, demanding that justice be done. The cries of the people who harvested your crops and made you a profit have fallen upon the ears of the supreme Lord of heavenly armies. Your life on the earth has been one of luxury, pleasure, and endless consumption; you have feasted to your hearts’ content on animals you slaughtered, but now the day of slaughter comes for you. You have condemned and murdered the righteous man, and he did not defend himself.

For this reason, my brothers and sisters, be patient as you wait for the return of the Lord. Look! The farmer knows how to wait patiently for the land to produce vegetables and fruits. He cannot harvest a freshly planted seed. Instead, he waits for the early and the late showers to nourish the soil. You need this same kind of patience, so in the meantime, strengthen your resolve because the Lord will be coming soon.

Brothers and sisters, don’t waste your breath complaining about one another. If you judge others, you will be judged yourself. Be very careful! You will face the one true Judge Who is right outside the door. The prophets who declared the word of the Lord are your role models, my brothers and sisters, for what it means to live patiently in the face of suffering. Look, we bless and honor the memory of those who persevered under hardship. Remember how Job endured and how the Lord orchestrated the triumph of his final circumstances as a grand display of His mercy and compassion.

It is even more important, my brothers and sisters, that you remember not to make a vow by the heavens or the earth or by anything. When you say “yes,” it should always mean “yes,” and “no” should always mean “no.” If you can keep your word, you will avoid judgment.

(James 5:1-12)

Response in Prayer

Father, please give me patience. I want to be Your person of character in the world where You have placed me. I trust that Jesus will return for me. Even so, dear Father, I do need patience while I wait. I don’t want to be unprepared for Jesus’ coming because I lose patience and begin to live like those who have no hope in You. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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