Monthly Archives: April 2020

21 Apr 2020

We don’t serve a mean God who is always looking for an opportunity to inflict pain. Even in times of uncertainty, He gives reassurance and grace. What season is He taking you through? How are you holding up? Are you learning what He wants you to learn under the circumstances? […]

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17 Apr 2020

The interesting thing is that I may decide to do something which feels right, without thinking about the motivation that drove me to do it. And I might have a reason to back up my actions. But because I have not sought the Lord about it or He is not […]

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16 Apr 2020

After Moses had served as leader, the Lord allowed Joshua to lead Israel into Canaan. He died at the age of 110 and there was nobody left who had personally experienced the exodus from Egypt. Israel grew more and more distant from God and was easily influenced by the communities […]

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